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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

college soccer

so after our first game in south carolina, we got to go to the beach the next day! this was at Folly beach and it was beautiful!!

i loved this pier!! it was soo cool and i also love these girls to death!

this is some of us soccer girls before we all headed for the water!

and this is me getting ready for our first practice with our legit team shirts :]

so im in college now!! who would have ever thought this would happen lol so i am at Southern Virginia University, SVU, and i absolutely love it! its only been two days that ive been here but right now its soccer preseason so we started off easy with 3 a days!! total exaggeration there by the way ha so the first practice is before the sun is even up! 6 AM!! then we have breakfast, another practice at 10:30, then lunch, then usually a nap and then our last practice is at 4 and after that its dinner and after that we have our daily team meeting/devotional, then usually a shower and by this time we are all so exhausted that we just lay around or go to bed. it doesnt sound like it could be fun at all but right now i think is the most fun ive ever had! im sore as all get out but im loving every minute of it...but if im not in the best shape of my life after this i dont think there is any hope for me! ha but this team is amazing! i love them to death already, they are so encouraging and funny :] ha ...ninjas rolling down the halls,, mashed potatoes,, and super sweet rainy days :] its a blast,, well for now it is cause we arent in classes but i bet it will still be just as fun :] i really do love this team. its so cool to be playin with mormons! we have prayer before every meal, practice and everything, we have team devotionals and coach relates a lot of soccer to the gospel. i love it! like our team motto is 11-for-1. there is so many different things for this but the analogy that i liked best was 11 players for one purpose,, that one purpose for us is to win nationals. they won it last year, and actually in the past 10 years that this school has had a soccer team they have won nationals 5 times! this is goin to be the sixth :]] im so excited for this season.

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