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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

life as a senior

i have to say its not too shabby! lol my classes are extremely easy, half of the day im at the elementary school workin with kids from kindergarten. i absolutely love those kids! i have never felt so loved, everytime i walk in there they all jump up and give me a hug! :]] the other half of my day is made up of gym and sleeping--which i love lol--and my two required classes. but time goes by way too fast. im already done with a semester. wow after the next one it will be time for me to grow up! lol right now im just tryin to have fun and not get caught up in all of the high school drama haha

soccer has ended but i had some great memories, those last bus rides with the taco bell packets!! lol fun times. some things have changed since then. now basketball season is different than it has been in the past. its different because im one of the leaders. there are some problems but im trying to just finish out and not let people get to me. we definitely try to have fun during practice and in the locker room. its just important to realize that some people will change but you cant change who you are because of them. i have finally learned that being myself is so much better than tryin to worry about what other people think :] but its also just as important to embrace what God gives you. i have met some of the most amazing people in the last month and i will never forget anything i have gone through with them. i absolutely love them :] whatever comes after this im just going to keep praying and i know it will work out!

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