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Friday, January 9, 2009

More Flakey Bunch Business

our first complete family picture in a long time lol

so there are 9 girls and 3 boys,, haha girls rule our house! now though its beginning to get a little quieter around here with everyone gettin married off and starting their own families, melissa and jacob now have 3 kids and michele and bastian have sydney with a little boy, bryce, on the way and James and Tammy also have a little boy on the way! meagan is still on her mission so that leaves only like 8 kids left! but we have everyone over at least once a week so we get to see each other enough!

so i figured since i really dont have all that much happening in my life right now im going to turn my blog more towards what my family is doing. so now i can keep all yall updated on my family and all the crazy stuff we do toghether.

right now all we are up to is workin on the house and school. all us girls are in the middle of our basketball seasons so that takes up a lot of my moms time running us around everywhere. im just glad i have a car now :] lol but molly is right behind me, she will be gettin her license in february!! watch out yall! lol jk dad and his crew are gettin a lot done with the house so mom is really happy about that.

Flake Family

Jaden and Landon

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