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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Flakey Bunch

one of our favorite things to do as a whole family is hiking. Awhile back we all decided to go to fall creek falls and hike and see all of the beautiful leaves and the falls. well the leaves were beautiful but we were in kind of a drought so there was only a trickle of water falling from all of the falls.

these are just some random photos from the hike.

Molly and Mandy were being dare devils and they decided to get into the crack between the two rocks, there was nothing at the end of that crack either, just the ground a long way down.

Me, Mo, & Man on the edge of buzzards roost.

Molly and Nolan

Jaden, Sydney and Mallory throwing rocks into the little water that there was.

so this is normally where the big falls are supposed to be going over, well since the drought it was completely dry right here.

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