"A missionary is someone who leaves their family for a few years so others can be with their families for eternity"

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Honduras, San Pedro Sula Mission!

Im going to Honduras guys!!! Speaking spanish! its a good thing i took two years of it at SVU!  I leave in two weeks for the MTC now and i am starting to get really really nervous! i will only be in the provo mtc for 3 weeks and then i will be heading to Guatemala! i will be in that mtc for six weeks and then its on to Honduras! The last six months seemed like they flew by! i was working in utah as a nanny and i loved it! i was blessed in so many ways from doing that and i loved being with my sis meagan and hanging out with all my cousins out there. Im home right now and just trying to enjoy everything before i head out. i am going to miss my family so much but i cant wait to hear all their crazy stories and what they do to the house here. hopefully the lake is done when i get back ;) well some more about my mission, i will be serving in the San Pedro Sula mission, its in the northern part of the country along the coast and then it also stretches down the border of Guatemala as well. It's going to be really hot, with no season changes besides the wet and dry season. im pretty excited about that because i really hate being cold, i just worry about my fair skin, but hopefully i will be blessed to get a tan haha i am excited for all the rice and beans as well....if my stomach can handle it but i really am excited for the fruit! i hear its amazing.
Well i am still getting to hear from Elder Decker each week and he is doing great! im so excited to get to serve with him and share our stories when we get back :) I love my missionary! i still get back a month before him too so i will be waiting for him :)
Well guys, this may be the last time i write a post on here, im going to leave it for my mom to try and put my letters up on here for me so you can read my stories. Dont be shy and if you would like to write please do!!! my address will be on here and facebook as soon as i know my p.o. box number for the mtc. I am so excited to be serving! it really does feel real now that i gave my farewell talk this last sunday and now its actually happening! The church is so true and i am so thankful for this opportunity to serve the Lord and the people of Honduras. it really is going to change my life and i cannot wait! It is amazing how the Lord directs our paths and makes everything happen for the best if we just trust him. i am so thankful for how everything has turned out in my life and how much the lord has helped me find where i need to be and i know that this mission is the best way for me to spend the next 18 months of my life. i am so thankful for the atonement and for the comfort that it brings to me. I know that the Savior walked a mile in my shoes and he will help me through every step of my mission. i am so excited for this and and i cant wait to share the stories and my testimony with you all! God bless you till we meet again :)
Love always,
Hermana Mariah Flake

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