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Friday, January 23, 2009


For homecoming spirit week, one of the dress up days was indian day since we are the indians. so me molly and mandy decided that we would be real indians and ride our horses to school bare back. it was a really cool idea until it turned out to be only like 16 degrees outside! we were frozen but we made it to school and paraded around for a bit. it was so much fun. i even won the best dressed indian from the school :]
Me Molly & Mandy

My costume baby-sleeps with doves- :]]

Mandy and me, she does look like a man, its kinda scary lol

me and sandy

riding to school

Montgomery Central Indians

our little tribe

ridin the road

sandy all painted up
indian day


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  2. You are so beautiful! Especially as a squaw indian with your little papoose. Thanks again for sharing your room with us. Love ya!