"A missionary is someone who leaves their family for a few years so others can be with their families for eternity"

Monday, January 7, 2013

tons of photos!

my christmas package!!! opened it on thanksgiving haha i couldnt wait.

singing christmas carols in the hospital catarino

crazy how different the hospitals are than in the states
his wheel chair was awesome...made with a lawn chair

us 5 from the CCM. together again!

familia ochoa!


our carol group
singing in the streets

happy new year! all the trash after all the fireworks during the night...they wrap their homemade fireworks in newspaper so the paper is everywhere!!

best christmas present ever


we get cute sometimes

i banged some pots and pans along with you all!!!

cute braid idea meg! haha

martita and keila (who is now a member :)!!!!) from my old area in porvenir


packing the dirt...honduranean style haha

workin hard.

the reward was pizza!!! oh yeah

sugar cane juice and elote...i dont know how to say it in english haha

our 5:30 start for the hike to the coca cola sign

Pulhapanzak falls!
Rio Lindo

the falls

jungle next to the falls

so awesome!

we were getting soaked

hikin to the coca cola

me workin...and elder peterson...? haha


the river before the falls

from the top of the cerrito!


makes you forget about how dangerous and dirty the country is!

she is the cutest!


the coca cola sign in the mountains


it was a spring....no i didnt dare drink it for real haha

we made it!!

san pedro sula


the horse buggies that are all around here

in the jungle the mighty jungle

hna tolliver, francisco and yo

at the top of the cerrito

with ashley

i love the mountains!

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