"A missionary is someone who leaves their family for a few years so others can be with their families for eternity"

Monday, December 10, 2012

thanksgiving and everything since then!

its christmas time!
with hna erika!

feliz navidad!
ridin the bus
at the multi-zona
singing my song :)
hna cifuentes y lopez from the ccm
president veirs and elder clayton. my pres and zl. haha

practicing for our song the day of cambios

us girls headin to the house from the multi zona

the actividad misional we had this week. it was a ton of fun!
this is how i help clean up haha i just eat the icing.
heading to stake conference
our zone with pres after conference
our investigators and some members
thanksgiving at presidents house!!!
hna veirs is amazing!
such good food.
my comp

birthday lunch for hna lopez
us at chilis!!

feliz cumpleanos!

our ZLs
hno paco!!! he is my favorite. we celebrated his birthday with him too. 84!

birthday dinner for president veirs!

at the little party for pres veirs

our house decorations!! i think i did pretty good for what we had to work with
doin the curls haha my comp was facinated.

hot dogs!! never thought i would like all that stuff but its so good!

i dont know why we gain weight. haha

this is the bordo as it was flooding. pretty sad.
hijo de catcho! its owned by a member so we eat free on tuesdays!
soooo good!!!!
i love it!!

as we were evacuating the families

the house when we left

they pretty much had nothing. this was after the water had gone down some.

helping evacuate
normally this is just like a creek...

rio blanco

houses in the bordo

heading to the church with the family

exhausted after a loooooonng day evacuating the families.

so long story short, i slipped and fell in the biggest puddle ever as i went to just do some puddle jumping haha

outside the church

yeah im still white haha

freezing but happy haha

so much water
at the mulit zona

my new dress i bought for 50 L! thats like 2.50!

my comp.

another cake from the family that lives below us haha
noche de hogar with the familia nordiega! they live downstairs

so much water!!!!

water water everywhere, but i wouldnt dare drink!!! haha we have to shower so good after walkin around here cause the water is disgusting with all the animal and more than likely human fecies. gross.
the raging river

so sad...maybe they will learn to not build so close to the river
our mission leader and his wife
oh christmas tree!

my lovely sunburn after we got stucck in zapotal without money, its an hour and 45 mins to walk...yeah we learned our lesson.
hna lopez!
yay photos finally!

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