"A missionary is someone who leaves their family for a few years so others can be with their families for eternity"

Monday, October 22, 2012

our sweet new jerseys


our sweet jerseys! 

he is so funny!!! 

oh rene 

fun day of soccer! 

our group after a great night of fútbol

they wanted to hold me hahaha im a little heavy

Angel y angel jr haha 

beautiful sunset

english class!! 

bautismo de Carlos y Luis

little angels! 

martita y Rene hahahah soooo funny! 

she is the cutest! 

haha my sombrilla, i dont know how i still get burnt haha 

my comp! 

walking through the hacienda, ranch

bautismo de Goldi


she is so special for us. this was an amazing day! 

Our chef haha she isnt a member but she cooks our lunch, niece of Goldi

daughter of Goldi and her husband...future members hehe

this is rene....talking on his cell phone with me.

this was after we scared him really bad when we took a picture haha

me talking on my blackberry with Rene haha 


service project with martita.

hair cut!!! haha martita is crazy 

its still long dont worry haha 

getting the bangs cut again!! haha it was scary to see so much hair being cut!! 

nieto, grandson of goldi and sarai

such a cutie!!! 

at the baptism 

me and the hernandez family 

on the hacienda . its weird having the palm trees and cows haha 

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