"A missionary is someone who leaves their family for a few years so others can be with their families for eternity"

Monday, September 10, 2012

otra semana en porvenir

we did exchanges one day and this is hermana barrios! ive never laughed so hard! she is awesome. 
 another day hiking in San Maneul

all dirt floor houses and made of dirt and sticks 

 turkey! i dont know if it was a pet or just there but i sure would love some deep fried turkey
 the houses up in the mountains 

hiking up to a members house

the trails

before we headed into the jungle

this is German, our mighty leader haha

this is how we get jocotes...nasty little things that they love to eat here haha 


in the jungle! 

hiking through the jungle

up here in the mountains, this is how we preach!! are you gonna accept the gospel now!! 

this is our tajadas. its fried plantains with a meat sauce mix and the weird cheese. pretty good stuff...and yes i love the chile!!! spicy food is a favorite now

beautiful sunday morning

it looked so cool, like an ocean! 

more houses in the mountains 

 this was one morning when we went running haha 
nothing like some good sprints at 6am! 

sprinting as my companion just took pics haha she isnt much of an athlete but im so thankful she is willing to go with me! 


having so fun on the playground 

this horse was just eatin in the field haha the prettiest and fattest one ive seen here! 

ignore how i look haha it was 6 am!! but the horse was beautiful 

dad you should make mom a clothes line like this!!! barbed wire! 

p'day with the elders.

p day today playin futbol! 

playin soccer and basketball, yeah, we sweat a lot haha gross. 
me and hna fernanadez 

me and hna barrios

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